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[Research Activities]

Fundamental study on LWR advanced technology to contribute to improvement of scientific rationality for regulation standard, safety margin enlargement for design, and Fukushima NPS decommissioning research. Towards improvement of evaluation method for core and fuel/material behaviors under every conditions from normal operation to severe accident, based on mechanism evaluation. Goal is to contribute to improved/enhanced safety performance of LWR.
(1)Fundamental study on fission product behavior
(2)Simulation technology of core degradation behavior
(3)Prediction method of long-term material integrity and characteristics for support to safety and rational LWR decommissioning

Main Research Items of Our Group

[Recent Topics]

●Vapor Pressure Measurement of Cesium Borates(Detail

Boron carbide is used as control material at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plants. Cesium is expected to react with the boron and to be transferred to the reactor building in the form of cesium borates. However, there is little thermodynamic data available in estimation of their transfer behavior. Therefore, we have performed vapor pressure measurements of cesium borates to obtain their thermodynamic data.

●Adsorption Behaviors of Cesium on Stainless Steels(Detail

Knowledge of Cs-deposition properties is essential to evaluate radiation dose of workers at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plants from Cs deposits onto the structural materials. However, there is little information on the Cs-adsorption behaviors, especially those for chemisorption that would occur at high temperature. Therefore, we have started the research to elucidate the adsorption mechanism.

●Development of Failure Evaluation Methods for the Pressure Vessel Lower Head(Detail

To gain better awareness of the situation within the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (1F) and improve the current severe accident (SA) analysis codes, e.g. THALES2 developed by JAEA, we are conducting research and development to assess the rupture behavior of the RPV lower head due to relocation of the molten core. In this study, we are developing a coupled analysis method of thermal-hydraulics (TH) and structural analyses, which are to be applied to the behavior of a molten core and to the thermal-elastic-plastic-creep behavior of the structures, respectively. We are also developing methods for evaluating the failure time and locations of the RPV lower head due to creep-deformation.

●The lucture in the internatinal forum commemorating the 30th anniversary of Chernobyl accident(Detail

We participated "Chornobyl's Legacy for the Nuclear Safety of the World" sponsored by National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. We have made the technical support to the invited lecture "International Community in Search for International Guarantees of the World Nuclear Safety" by the Special Advisor to the JAEA President Sakata. The need for global cooperation for the enhanced nuclear safety was adopted as the official declaration of the forum.
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Journals, Proceedings, Technical Reports

Di Lemma, F. G.、三輪 周平、逢坂 正彦
Di Lemma, F. G.、中島 邦久、山下 真一郎、逢坂 正彦
三輪 周平、山下 真一郎、逢坂 正彦
井岡 郁夫、栗木 良郎、岩月 仁、久保 真治、勝山 仁哉、稲垣 嘉之
岡根 哲夫、小畠 雅明、佐藤 勇、小林 啓介、逢坂 正彦、山上 浩志
三輪 周平、山下 真一郎、石見 明洋、逢坂 正彦、天谷 政樹、田中 康介、永瀬 文久
4th International Symposium on Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems (INES-4)
三輪 周平、逢坂 正彦、野崎 貴大、有馬 立身、出光 一哉
Nuclear Materials Conference 2014 (NuMat 2014)
井岡 郁夫、栗木 良郎、岩月 仁、久保 真治、稲垣 嘉之
23rd International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-23)
Proceedings of 23rd International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-23) (DVD-ROM)
佐藤 勇、前田 宏治、須藤 光雄、逢坂 正彦、臼杵 俊之、小山 真一
圷 葉子、田中 康介、逢坂 正彦
田口 富嗣、井川 直樹、美留町 厚、朝岡 秀人、三輪 周平、逢坂 正彦
7th International Symposium on Surface Science (ISSS-7)
西 剛史、中島 邦久、高野 公秀、倉田 正輝、有田 裕二
Nuclear Materials Conference 2014 (NuMat 2014)
鈴木 知史、吉田 啓之、Shuh, D. K.、鈴木 伸一、矢板 毅
23rd International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-23)
Proceedings of 23rd International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-23) (DVD-ROM)
高井 俊秀、中島 邦久、古川 智弘
三輪 周平、天谷 政樹、田中 康介、逢坂 正彦、永瀬 文久

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逢坂 正彦
OSAKA Masahiko


井岡 郁夫
中野 純一
NAKANO Junichi
中島 邦久
鈴木 知史
SUZUKI Chikashi
三輪 周平
MIWA Shuhei
鈴木 恵理子
高田 準太郎
TAKADA Juntaro
江幡 功栄
萩谷 幸宏
HAGIYA Yukihiro
寺門 宙
宮原 直哉
藤本 美知代


上野 文義
UENO Fumiyoshi
塚田 隆
山下 真一郎
YAMASHITA Shinichiro
倉田 正輝
田中 康介
須山 賢也
奥村 啓介
高野 公秀
TAKANO Masahide
岡根 哲夫
OKANE Tetsuo
須藤 彩子
SUDO Ayako
菊地 啓修
KIKUCHI Hironobu
本岡 隆文
MOTOOKA Takafumi
佐藤 智徳
SATO Tomonori
相馬 康孝
SOMA Yasutaka
加治 芳行
KAJI Yoshiyuki
根本 義之
NEMOTO Yoshiyuki
勝山 仁哉
米川 夏津夫

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