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 Director General:  Shigeaki Okajima
Deputy Director General:  Masahiro Yamamoto
                                          Yasuji Morita
                                          Endo Akira
 Research Co-ordination and Promotion Office:  Tokio Fukahori
  Nuclear Data Center O.Iwamoto
  Research Group for Reactor Physics and Standard Nuclear Code System K.Suyama
  Research Group for Nuclear Sensing T.Yosuke
  Research Group for Corrosion Resistant Materials F.Ueno
  Research Group for Radiation Materials Engineering S.Yamashita
  Research Group for High Temperature Science on Fuel Materials M.Takano

Nuclear Chemistry Division / Y.Morita

  Research Group for Radiochemistry M.Watanabe
  Research Group for Analytical Chemistry Y.Kitatsuji

Environment and Radiation Sciences Division / H.Nagai

  Research Group for Environmental Science T.Kobayashi
  Research Group for Radiation Transport Analysis F.Takahashi

LWR Key Technology Development Division / F.Nagase

  Development Group for Thermal-Hydraulics Technology H.Yoshida
  Development Group for LWR Advanced technology M.Ohsaka

Partitioning and Transmutation Technology Division / K.Tsujimoto

  Research Group for Partitioning T.Matsumura
  Research Group for Nuclear Transmutation System Technology K.Tsujimoto
  Research Group for MA Transmutation Fuel Cycle H.Hirokazu

Nuclear Engineering Research Collaboration Center

 Special Group for Advanced Technology on LWR Thermal Hydraulics T.Fukahori
  Graphite & Carbon Materials Characterization Special Group M.Yamaji
  Special Group for Vitrification Technology M.Yamamoto
  HTGR Technology Development Group Y.Mizokami
  Special Group for Advancing Nuclear Hydrogen Safety R.Hino
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