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Research Group for Nuclear Transmutation SystemNISHIHARA Kenji


The main purpose of the transmutation system such as an accelerator-driven system (ADS) is to transmute minor actinides (MAs) to short-lived or stable nuclides by fission reaction. The ADS has a subcritical core whose fuel consists of MAs mainly. The subcritical core has a spallation target region at the center and the spallation neutrons are produced by the injection of high energy proton beam at the target. The ADS is driven by the spallation neutrons.

Research group for Nuclear Transmutation System Technology aims to design the ADS and perform the experiments to validate the nuclear data which are utilized for the ADS neutronics design. In the ADS design, various analyses such as neutronics, thermal hydraulics and structure for the ADS components have been performed. In the experiment, reactor physics experiments with the use of critical assemblies in the country and overseas have been performed.

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