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Development Group for Thermal-Hydraulics TechnologyYOSHIDA Hiroyuki


For a more correct evaluation and improvements of the safety of nuclear power plants, temperature distribution and steam-water flow changes those closely associated with the temperature distribution in the reactor during an emergency or accidental condition are required. In addition, variation of flow and temperature distribution, that is thermal-hydraulic characteristics, is one of the main issues for development and improvement of equipment to ensure the nuclear reactor safety. Improvement and confirmation of the applicability of existing methods for various situations are important to evaluate the flow and temperature changes. In this situation, we are developing 3-dimensional thermal-hydraulics simulation technique in nuclear reactor systems based on the numerical method with large scale computers. In this technology development, evaluation method for predicting steam-water flow and melted material behavior by using state-of-the-art computer science technology and super-parallel computers, for example the “Kei” computer, has been developed. In order to verify and validate the applicability of developed evaluation methods, measurement technique to obtain validation data for steam-water flow and melted material behavior has been also developed.

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