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Nuclear Science and Reactor Engineering DivisionYOSHIDA Hiroyuki


Activities of Nuclear Science and Reactor Engineering Division

We, Nuclear Science and Reactor Engineering Division , are tackling with “accuracy improvement of nuclear data”, “development of nuclear code system for simulating neutron transport and reaction in a nuclear reactor etc.” ,“advancement of nuclear measurement technologies for accurate quantification of nuclear material non-destructively”,“systematic research and development for simulating thermal-hydraulic events”, and “research and development of transmutation technology by accelerator-driven system (ADS)”. These developed technologies are indispensable for solving important nuclear engineering issues, that is, continuous safety improvement , enhancement of nuclear security technology and reduction of a risk by a long-lived nuclear waste, which should be developed for extending peaceful nuclear energy utilization. For our research, we are utilizing the most advanced facilities, and collaborating with various institutes and universities both inside and outside of Japan.

The results of our research activities are also expected to be utilized in not only nuclear engineering field but also various fields such as nuclear medical science, RI use, astrophysics, new material development, non-destructive analysis, and fundamental physics, etc. Actually, some new joint research have already been started. It is our pleasure to be able to contribute to the advancements of various nuclear science and engineering fields.

We should appreciate very much if we could receive your interests, suggestions, and cooperation.