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Fuels and Materials Engineering DivisionY.Kaji


Activities of Fuels and Materials Engineering Division

From the viewpoints of the security of energy supply and the measures against global warming, the nuclear energy has played an important role and we believe its role becomes more important in future. The technology of nuclear energy supply system has to be advanced in accordance with the progress of social systems and innovation of technologies.

In the Fuels and Materials Engineering Division, basic and fundamental researches on "fuel research" and "materials research" have been conducted using both experimental research facilities and equipment and computational resources. Based on basic and fundamental research potential, the following researches have been made in cooperation with research institutes, universities and industries:

1. Research on aging and safety improvement for the light water reactors and nuclear facilities.
2. Research on the the accelerator drive system (ADS) which is one of the most promising advanced nuclear systems for reducing volume and reducing harmfulness of radioactive waste.
3. Research on decommissioning measures for corrosion on equipment and structures, and understanding of properties of fuel debris of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.