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LWR Key Technology Development DivisionT.Fukahori


Activities of LWR Key Technology Development Division

In the utilization of nuclear energy after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident, it is required to improve the nuclear safety continuously with top priority. We consider that continuous technical developments in wide research fields, such as thermal-hydraulics, nuclear fuel, materials, chemistry and reactor physics, are required to improve the nuclear safety. These research and development activities have been started since 2015 in the LWR Key Technology Development Division. The basic concepts of development are achievement of the prevention of accidents, prevention of the spread of the accident and proper practice of decommissioning in cooperation with universities and industries. As key and indispensable technologies for improvement of nuclear reactor safety, 3-dimensional thermal-hydraulics simulation technique in nuclear reactor systems and evaluation method for chemical behavior of radioactive materials have been developed. In addition, by adapting these techniques, researches related to evaluation of cooling capability of nuclear fuels under the accidental conditions and the reasonable assessment of the source terms are performed.