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TSUJIMOTO Kazufumi, D.Sci. Director General Nuclear Science and Engineering Center
TSUJIMOTO Kazufumi, D. Sci.
Director General
Nuclear Science and Engineering Center

The Nuclear Science and Engineering Center (NSEC) conducts research and development to fulfill our mission of advancing the latest science and technology that supports the use of nuclear energy and radiation, and continuing the fundamental support of nuclear energy development. The NSEC is based in the Nuclear Science Research Institute (NSRI), which is one of the main research institutes of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA).

The use of nuclear energy and radiation is supported by the underlying basic science and various technologies that link science and engineering. As such, we conduct fundamental research to elucidate various phenomena involving atomic nuclei, radiation, and radioactive materials using our innovative techniques for measurement and analysis. Based on modeling of the observed phenomena, we develop computer simulation codes and databases for predicting the behavior of energetic particles, heat and fluid in a reactor core, performance of nuclear fuel and reactor structural materials, properties and functions of radioactive materials related to their physical and chemical states, migration behavior of radionuclides in the environment, and the effects of radiation on the human body.

We are applying these technologies to solve a variety of issues. Since the accident at the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, we have been focusing on research and development that contributes to the solution of the following issues: (1) response to the accident (promotion of decommissioning of facilities and environmental restoration), (2) further improvement of the safety performance of light water reactors, and (3) steady implementation of the treatment and disposal of radioactive waste.

It is also our responsibility to provide the results of our research and development activities to society in ways that are transparent and have high quality and impact. As part of this effort, we are working with the Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Collaboration Center to participate in joint research with industry, technology transfer, and technical cooperation. We have been disseminating our innovative technologies for resolving challenges in various fields, such as industry, environment, and medicine.

The NSEC is a key research center for supporting the nuclear energy infrastructure through our nuclear science and engineering research. We strive to become a leading center for research collaboration, using our fundamental research and development capabilities to contribute to advances in science and technology.

We seek your understanding, support, and encouragement in our research and development activities.

April, 2023