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Development of individual dosimetry system for targeted alpha therapy based on PHITS


An individual dosimetry system is essential for the evaluation of precise doses in nuclear medicine. We therefore developed an individual dosimetry system dedicated to nuclear medicine particularly to targeted alpha therapy based on Particle and Heavy Ion Transport code System PHITS, under collaboration between Nuclear Science and Engineering Center of JAEA and Osaka University. It calculates not only absorbed doses but also biological doses from the PET-CT images, considering the dose dependence of relative biological effectiveness, the dose-rate effect, and the dose heterogeneity. The developed system has been implemented in the latest version of PHITS, which is freely available by submitting an application form to us via PHITS website. The results of this study have been published in an open-access journal “EJNMMI Physics” entitled as “Individual dosimetry system for targeted alpha therapy based on PHITS coupled with microdosimetric kinetic model”.

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