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Papers in 2013

T. Tsuru, Y. Udagawa, M. Yamaguchi, M. Itakura, H. Kaburaki and Y. Kaji,
“Solution softening in magnesium alloy: Effect of solid solution on dislocation core structure and non-basal slip”,
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter (FAST TRACK COMMUNICATION) 25 (2013) 022202.
*This article was selected for IOPselect.

T. Nakazawa and Y. Kaji,
"Structural, bonding, and magnetic properties of Fen-xSix (n, x ≦ 6) clusters: Theoretical investigation based on density functional theory",
Comput. Mater. Sci. 68 (2013) 350-360.

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