Papers in 2020

“TEM analysis of ion tracks and hillocks produced by swift heavy ions of different velocities in Y3Fe5O12”, N. Ishikawa, T. Taguchi, A. Kitamura, G. Szenes, M. E. Toimil-Molares, and C. Trautmann, J. Appl. Phys. 127, 055902 (2020).

"Hydrogen-accelerated spontaneous microcracking in high strength aluminium alloys", T. Tsuru, K. Shimizu, M. Yamaguchi, M. Itakura, K. Ebihara, A. Bendo, K. Matsuda, H. Toda, Sci. Rep. 10 (2020) 1998.

"マグネシウムの延性・靭性向上のための合金設計:第一原理計算からのアプローチ", 都留智仁, 軽金属,70 (2020) 73-81.

"Anomalous solution softening by unique energy balance mediated by kink mechanism in tungsten-rhenium alloys", T. Tsuru, M. Wakeda, T. Suzudo, M. Itakura, S. Ogata, J. Appl. Phys. 127 (2020), 025101.

"Effects of one-dimensional migration of self-interstitial atom clusters on the decreasing behavior of their number density in electron-irradiated α-iron", Y. Abe, Y. Satoh, N. Hashimoto, S. Ohnuki, Philosophical Magazine, 100 (2020) 110-125.

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