Welcome to Research Group for Radiation Materials Engineering.

The research topics of our group cover various aspects of radiation damage of materials: from understanding nano-structure evolution mechanism in ceramics due to swift heavy ion irradiation and one-dimensional motion of dislocation loop in pure iron under irradiation to applying such fundamental knowledge to various engineering fields including issues on stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of low carbon steels in light water reactor (LWR), irradiation and corrosion behaviors of ferritic steels in accelerator driven system (ADS), helium behavior in nuclear fuel.

We are also interested in the following research area and continuing to make efforts for clarification of the mechanism unrevealed, development of new evaluation and analysis technologies for the practical use: computational materials science based on atomistic simulations, development of surface analysis system with simultaneous detecting functions, development of highly efficient defect detecting and identifying system using positoron annihilation spectroscopy, research on improvement of safety for accident conditions in spent fuel pool, research and development of accident tolerant fuel (ATF), development of advanced radiation measuement technology using photovoltaic module.


Research Subjects
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