About our group

In order to upgrade the migration/assessment technology of environmental radioactive materials, required for environmental impact assessment of various radionuclides releases and environmental pollution events, we are conducting the following research and development.

- Atmospheric dispersion model with high resolution in consideration of the
influence of structures in the vicinity of the facility
- Reconstruction method of atmospheric release/dispersion process
- Practical ocean dispersion prediction system

In addition, to develop and advance the aforementioned basic technology, we conduct the following research and development.
- Study on the behavior of environmental materials by means of radioactive
materials and stable isotopes
- Acquire the basic data necessary for the validation of radionuclide
dispersion model
- Continuous measurement system for aquatic radionuclides

Furthermore, as an application to the global environmental problem, we participate in the project "Climate Change Research Using Nuclear Science and Technology" of the Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia (FNCA), and leading the research in Japan.